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About the Book

Win the Battle for Member Attention When You Discover Your One-of-a-Kind Value Proposition

In this book you’ll take away:

Set yourself apart and persuade more members to pay attention.

The Seven Step Process as Described in the Book

Value lives in your customer’s head. It’s not enough to do something well; it has to satisfy a big, relevant need for your most important members.

Persuade more members to pay attention and engage through a proven seven-step process to discover your unique value from their perspective.

Breakthrough Value lays out the seven steps, along with actions and a detailed project plan to help you accomplish the work.


What Associations Say About the Process - In Their Own Words


Patricia Anderson, CEO, SCAOR

"During the Pandemic, members began to question the relevancy of their membership in an association. We knew we needed to re-evaluate the association and our purpose. I asked my Board to take a step with me and my staff to research and develop our value proposition - and what we do best for members to move forward and continue that.”

Kit Fitzgerald, former President, ACAR

“I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the week. I feel energized and refreshed from looking at the association from a completely different perspective yesterday. You did exactly what I envisioned for the task force this year, but in a way that we never would have been able to accomplish on our own.”

Stacey Hartman, VP of Communications, IAR

“Developing a value proposition is a must for any organization that serves people. It answers the question, “What do you do for me?” Ours allows us to communicate with confidence and speed, strengthening our brand. Developing our value proposition with Melynn truly changed IAR’s trajectory for the better. We refer to and use our value proposition daily.”

Sheila Dodson, former CEO, CAR

“Associations must adapt in order to remain viable. We need to be able to articulate our value to members because the business environment has changed. There is competition for the services our organization provides. For our association to be successful, we must have successful members. Our value proposition allows us to articulate the tangible offerings that are most valuable to our members in a way that narrows the focus to what we know they need most – not what we think they need. Our value proposition is the differentiator between us and the providers of similar services.”

Stephanie Moody, Communications Coordinator, SCAOR

“The process of developing our unique value proposition has been incredibly beneficial to our association. We have a fresh perspective from which to communicate the value we provide our members. Moving forward with a communications plan has new meaning, and now that plan now has purpose."

Christine Bauder, former Association Executive, BEAR

“Completing the value proposition message was motivating to our task force. It was only surpassed by what we learned while going through each step of the process.”

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