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Value Proposition Plus Strategy Equals a Living Rationale

Value Proposition Plus Strategy Equals a Living Rationale

Kudos to you, Association Executive and team. You, who have spent valuable time building a foundation to support your members’ business. You identified important member segments. You dug into their sensibilities and rationales to define what will make their business better. Your value proposition links what you do exceptionally well to what members most need.

You have announced your value proposition to members with fanfare using varied communications channels and the message is consistent in both written and spoken communications. Staff and leaders alike understand the message and can comfortably answer the question “What does this association do for its members?” They know this is the anchor of the association’s business and communications and that it is everyone’s responsibility to strengthen and to convey the value points inside your value proposition.

Congratulations on a job well done. But now what?

Your value proposition is not an ad campaign for the shelf. It’s up to the board president, committee member, receptionist and others to deliver on the points of value in order to deliver on the association’s claim of value.

Your value proposition is the declaration of what you do well today. But what about tomorrow? 

What links your new value proposition to future planning?

  1. One goal of organizational planning is to strengthen your association in a strategic way—looking to the future. You know what important member segments need most; and also what you offer that addresses those needs. Strategic planning is the place to think about taking your points of value to THE NEXT LEVEL.
  2. Begin strategic planning with a purposeful look at outside forces that present threats or opportunities to strengthen your value proposition. Are there other organizations that offer the same claim? Who do it better than you? Start the planning process with a daring view of the future (your vision) and what external forces face the organization. Then decide how you can strengthen your value proposition by thinking differently to expand what you offer today or take advantage of new trends or ideas. This is not a place to make small plans. Be bold and significant. 
  3. As you prioritize strategic issues keep your value proposition visible and refer to it often. A perfect way to do this is to post the value proposition prominently in the room. Filter your ideas by checking back that the issues you chose as goals strengthen the value proposition.

Remember, your value proposition is the short list of why members choose to belong. A strong focus on your value proposition is essential to establishing relevant, new long-term goals and objectives for the organization. If your board and staff link their efforts to the value proposition, the entire organization will follow.

Thoughtful strategic planning around your points of value isn’t a guarantee of success, but it will certainly keep your value proposition alive.

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