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Where Does Strategic Planning Fit?

Where Does Strategic Planning Fit?

Ideally, the operational order is this:

1.   Strategic Planning identifies one of the following as a strategic issue: Communicating the value of membership

  • Define and communicate our value to members
  • Poor awareness of value of membership
  • Explaining our worth to members
  • Shift away from events; be innovative in providing offerings directly related to members’ business success

2.   Association assembles a PAG (Presidential Advisory Group) or a task force to develop the value proposition.

3.   Future Strategic Planning uses the value proposition as the basis for deciding strategic ways to strengthen the value points that are part of the value proposition.

BECAUSE in real life the steps above don’t always happen this way, the process can work in the opposite direction:

4.  Association Executive and board president (or president elect) assembles a task force to develop a clear message of value;

5.  Strategic Planning follows the value proposition project. It’s purpose is to determine how to strengthen the value point in a strategic way. It considers the environment, the current market and industry situation and how to best answer member’s most relevant needs.

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